Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ron Paul's Odds Slashed Again!

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If you go to this link and enter in Ron Paul, you will see that his odds of winning the Republican presidential nomination are now 7-1.

Once again, his support isn't just spammers.

Ron Paul Petition: Equal Media Coverage

As we have seen over the past few weeks, Ron Paul is not getting equal coverage like the other 3 candidates. This is completely unprofessional and unethical for any media outlet especially those who says they have fair and balanced reporting.

There is now a petition floating around demanding for equal coverage on all mainstream media outlets. I encourage you to sign this petition. Please pass this around to your friends and family who support or wish to see more of Ron Paul's name in the news.

At the time of this writing, there are already over 3100 signature!

FMNN is the first to create an article about this petition.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's Not Get Over Confident

I was very pleased to hear of Ron Paul's campaign contributions reaching into the millions, but lets not get over confident without ourselves. Over confidence usually results in failure. There is a fine line there we need to look out for.

Part of what makes the alternative movement have such a powerful effect is that we are regarded as underdogs or the minority. Since we are called a minority or the underdog we feel this sense of duty to spread the word. That in turn gets people involved who normally wouldn't. We aren't given equal television coverage, so we are forced to have open discussions with people in our towns, blogs, at work and school. Rather than letting the news of Ron Paul's campaign money put us back into a comfort zone, we should be further pushing the issue that he IS a front runner. He CAN be the next President of the United States. I don't think 5 million dollars worth of contributions was the work of spammers, but if it was let's keep spamming! haha

The next debate is not until August 5 in Iowa, but we can't let this momentum go away. Let's keep this month full of events and I suggest that Ron Paul's campaign book him for some interviews in the meantime.

Ron Paul 2008!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ron Paul Campaign Nears 5 Million Dollars!

These preliminary reports come from that people close to his campaign are stating that his donations have gone up by the millions. Yes ladies and gentleman, by MILLIONS. It is estimated that he has at least 4 million dollars on hand and the contributions continue to climb hour by hour.

This is absolutely amazing. I am almost speechless right now reading this article here. What this goes to show is that Ron Paul has a huge backing and it is not just spammers on the Internet. I still see a lot of negativity on the Internet--even pro-Ron Paul sites-- with articles that say there is no way he could win. This movement needs to cut out the negativity because I really think he could win this.

If you haven't already donated, stop what you are doing and give $25 or whatever you can. Remember if you cannot give now, when will you? What will it take for you to become involved in this movement? Ron Paul is our only hope for America's future.

VIDEO CLIP: Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson

This is another great interview. It seems like Tucker knows exactly what's going on with his comments about Neo-conservativism. Enjoy.

Ron Paul's Uphill Battle

As if becoming the President isn't a hard enough task, there is deliberate sabotage going on in the mainstream media. They are trying to continue this idea that Ron Paul is not a frontrunner, which is completely ridiculous. They insist only televising and supporting McCain, Giuliani, and Romney as if they were the only ones in the race. Last night I was very upset at how obvious it was that they were not allowing Ron Paul to answer certain questions where as the "Three Musketeers", were given every chance to answer. Today with a fresh look on the situation, it still does upset me, but it is giving Americans a true look at our so called free media.

Most people would consider CNN a "liberal" channel and yet they did not allow Ron Paul to answer certain questions that he would completely own-the nerdy Gamer in me shines right now- Giuliani's answer. So what does this really say about our media? I think most people expected FoxNews to be unfair in their analysis, yet CNN's was no better and dare I say it was worse! My opinion on this whole matter is that our entire media has been taken over by a group who does not want Ron Paul's message to get out.

CNN was caught deleting comments about the debate. They didn't just delete a few comments here and there, they completely took the webpage down! Why would they do such a thing? I thought we had a free press? Hmmm...Well Mike Rivero on was able to save some of the comments. Check them out here.

Seeking Out Other Ron Paul Blogs

Hello everyone. A part of blogging is about networking and giving exposure to others that have similar ideas or goals as yours. Since Ron Paul needs as much attention as possible, I want to help others out who also have Ron Paul blogs. Even if you just started it or do not have much content on it yet that's okay.

I am seeking out other Ron Paul blogs that are being updated on a near daily basis. I would also like to keep your blog's main focus on Ron Paul and his campaign to become our President. I am trying to keep this as relevant as possible to his campaign. This way we are targeting the right audience.

Please just create a comment to this posting and I will put a link to your blog on the side margin. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Demand Equal Coverage of Ron Paul

Last night's debate should really be shaking people up. Ron Paul was not given equal time, equal ability to answer questions, or equal television coverage. In fact most of the mainstream news articles written about the debate do not even mention his name! How is this fair reporting when you completely omit a presidential candidate? They only show the 3 so-called front runners McCain, Giuliani, and Romney who just so happen to be placed in the 3 middle podiums during the debate. This allowed the mainstream media to take photographs of their favorite candidates while still being able to completely exclude everyone else! This isn't a coincidence.

We need to be outraged at this obvious attempt to keep Ron Paul's name off the television. We need to be outraged that Romney, Giuliani, and McCain got twice as much speaking time than Ron Paul. We need to be outraged that Ron Paul was not interviewed immediately after the debate for post coverage. What we need to do is fill up their inboxes and phone lines.
This is an Internet form for The Situation Room at CNN.
CNN Switchboard- (404) 827 – 1500
Comment line: (404) 827 - 0234

Tell them you are NOT happy with how time was not divided up properly and he was not given equal coverage despite his overwhelming support in the polls. Please pass this around to everyone you know. I want CNN to know that we know what they were up to last night. Ron Paul's message of truth and liberty cannot be stopped no matter how hard they try.

This is What One Man/Woman Can Do

How many of you right this moment are thinking to yourself ,"Well what can I do to help Ron Paul?"

Well for starters you can create a blog like I have done. I found myself at home with some free time and wasn't sure what I could do for Ron Paul. Well this blog has been seen by more people than I would have thought in such a short amount of time. It is so simple to do and be sure to pass it along to your friends, co-workers, and link it on other forums whether politically based or not.

You don't have to be rich to support Ron Paul. If each of us would give him $5 he would have more than 5 million dollars! Just imagine what Ron could do with all that money and since he isn't wasteful you know it wouldn't go towards an expensive dinner at a luxury restaurant. If you can afford Internet access you can afford to give Ron Paul $5. If you really feel anything for this country, you know we are at a huge crossroads. This great American won the debate yet got NO coverage in the hours following. Listen to this Patriot's plea to help Ron Paul.

If you can honestly watch that video and not feel a sense of duty to this country, then your soul must be completely washed away. I watched that video and immediately gave Paul's campaign a good chunk of money. You should do it too! Just 1 person can make a difference. As I have said, this blog is educating people everyday and it costs me nothing more than a few hours of my time a week. Stop looking behind you and saying someone else will pick up the tab. NO it's your turn to help. Our country is rapidly falling through the cracks and if we don't work together then it is over folks.

There is a gentleman in New Hampshire that I thought needed to be mentioned here. His name is Jared Chicoine. He cut his honeymoon short to continue his campaign for Ron Paul! If you live in New Hampshire you need to contact this man and help him out. Read the full story about him here.

VIDEO CLIP of Ron Paul NH Debate June 5

Many thanks to those who put these clips together. I do not own a TV, so this is the only way I get to see the debates. If you haven't seen it you can watch all of his responses here!

Ron Paul's answers were excellent tonight. I think he did an even better job than in South Carolina.

To support him, please donate whatever you can.

Ron Paul Winning in Online Polls

Well Ron Paul is winning in the CNN and MSNBC polls by quite a good margin!

Since you can't vote more than once, I wonder how they are going to claim these results are from spammers as well!

If you can't seem to find the CNN poll which I can understand why. They hid it on their website under Debate Scorecard. You can find it right here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

VIDEO CLIP of Ron Paul on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

If you didn't have a chance to catch this last night. Here it is!

I think he did an excellent job and it is quite obvious that Jon Stewart knows what is going on in this country.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ron Paul and the Internet's Potential has an excellent article that analyzes the effects that the Internet is having on politics, public opinion, and Ron Paul's run for President. Rather than try to give a summary of this article, you can read it in full here.

This is why the Elite want to get rid of the Internet so desperately. It allows people to form their own opinions, contact millions of people, network to meet like minded individuals, and spread these ideas faster than any other form of media. Being able to research freely on the Internet takes away from their highly paid "Infobabes" on the nightly news. It scares them that people are giving up on Mainstream television to get their news too! It is no wonder this worries them as it should. Their propaganda only works when it is reapplied every day, over and over. Once people find out about Ron Paul and his real Republican views, their propaganda won't work anymore. No matter how hard they try to smear his name or keep him out of the debates, once you know the truth you can never go back (unless of course you are in willful denial).