Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Demand Equal Coverage of Ron Paul

Last night's debate should really be shaking people up. Ron Paul was not given equal time, equal ability to answer questions, or equal television coverage. In fact most of the mainstream news articles written about the debate do not even mention his name! How is this fair reporting when you completely omit a presidential candidate? They only show the 3 so-called front runners McCain, Giuliani, and Romney who just so happen to be placed in the 3 middle podiums during the debate. This allowed the mainstream media to take photographs of their favorite candidates while still being able to completely exclude everyone else! This isn't a coincidence.

We need to be outraged at this obvious attempt to keep Ron Paul's name off the television. We need to be outraged that Romney, Giuliani, and McCain got twice as much speaking time than Ron Paul. We need to be outraged that Ron Paul was not interviewed immediately after the debate for post coverage. What we need to do is fill up their inboxes and phone lines.
This is an Internet form for The Situation Room at CNN.
CNN Switchboard- (404) 827 – 1500
Comment line: (404) 827 - 0234

Tell them you are NOT happy with how time was not divided up properly and he was not given equal coverage despite his overwhelming support in the polls. Please pass this around to everyone you know. I want CNN to know that we know what they were up to last night. Ron Paul's message of truth and liberty cannot be stopped no matter how hard they try.

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Check out an article I wrote about Ron Paul.

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