Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ray McGovern Agrees With Ron Paul's Position on Foreign Policy

Ray McGovern who is a 27 year veteran of the CIA agrees with Ron Paul's idea that the reason we were attacked was because of our policies. Ray McGovern was interviewed on Anti-War Radio. A MP3 and transcript can be read here for more information.

According to Anti-Radio's blog, this is the 3rd CIA officer that has come out and stated that Ron Paul is correct with his statement in the May 15th debates that caused quite a stir in the media.

I think that Giuliani is regretting his little attack that he initiated. Each day he is looking more ill-informed and not fit to be the President of the United States. I wonder if he will respond to Ron Paul's list of reading material or just try to ignore him. We will find out in the next few days!

VIDEO CLIP of Ron Paul on Bill Maher

Listen to the applause this great American gets. Go Ron Paul!

Friday, May 25, 2007

U.S. candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani

This is why I really like Ron Paul. He always stands behind facts and the Constitution. The other candidates just try to prop themselves up with cheerleading terms like "terrorists", "torture", and "9-11" as if they mean anything.

If you haven't had a chance to read this article where Ron Paul gives Giuliani a few books to read, then it is located here.

Notice how the article says he hasn't made much of an impression on national polls. Well perhaps it is because he isn't being listed as an option! It is pretty hard to score in a poll when your name doesn't appear on it. Ron Paul has only been included in 5 national polls.

Ron Paul on Bill Maher's "Real Time"

Congressman Ron Paul will be in studio this Friday night (11:00 p.m. ET) for an interview with Bill Maher. P.J. O'Rourke and Ben Affleck will join Maher to discuss the issues with Dr. Paul. "Real Time" is on HBO. This was from a press release on Ron Paul's official site.

I don't actually have cable nor a TV for that matter, so I will be looking forward to the YouTube Clip!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Ron Paul's Answer Terrifies Them

I found this excellent article written by Jacob G. Hornberger . He is a guest columnist at and the founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation. I agree wholeheartedly with everything he states in this article.

Here is a quote I thought was worth noting from his article "Why Ron Paul's Answer Terrifies Them".

"The Republican establishment knows that if the American people conclude that Ron Paul is right, the jig is up with respect to the big-government, pro-empire, interventionist foreign policy that Republicans (and many Democrats) have supported for many years."

Yes, finally a columnist that understands what Ron Paul is trying to say!

I believe the reason why the American people are so easily persuaded to these weird theories that Ron Paul is blaming America, is because Americans do NOT know history. Most Americans have no idea that our government put Saddam in power, supplied him with weapons and taught him how to assassinate and torture people. If we knew those facts, then I don't think we would be so far down the toilet bowl right now.

As we educate people on Ron Paul's values, then these types of facts will fall into place.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ron Paul's YouTube Channel: 9412 Subscribers

As of 3:07 PM EST Ron Paul has over 9400 subscribers on his YouTube Channel!

The next contender is Obama with only 5761.

It is quite clear that Ron Paul is creating a buzz on the internet. Thank goodness this is the case because he does not get the air time on the television like the corporate owned Neo-con candidates. Let's not forget to use the buzz on the internet to then start Ron Paul Meetup groups and town meetings. The internet alone will not make him the next president. If you can donate to his campaign. Please do so at his official site. Pass on your daily Starbucks coffee and donate those $3 a day to Ron.

Also remember to please subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Dr. Mercola Promotes Ron Paul

We got more coverage today about Ron Paul. Dr. Mercola who has built a very large community on his natural health website Http://, sends out a newsletter a few times a week to promote his products. He also does touch upon some other topics and in the May 22nd Issue, he lets his subscribers get a small dose of who Ron Paul is and what he has to offer to America if elected President. I applaud Dr. Mercola for spreading the word about Ron Paul. Here is the link to the article that Dr. Mercola wrote. "Ron Paul Stirs up Presidential Debate" Thank you doctor!

I am grateful that people from all walks of life are trying to help get Ron Paul's name out. I couldn't imagine anyone could discredit Ron Paul after seeing what he has to say about the real issues. I welcome everyone who visits here and feel free to comment on my posts.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ron Paul Mentioned on The View with Rosie!

Whether you agree with Rosie or not, she is really helping Ron Paul with this one. Millions of people watch the show everyday.

The Word Is Spreading

Before the debates started, I think most people were concerned with how to get Ron Paul's good name into the mainstream. Well since he won the first and second debates, which it is important to note that it is not just my opinion on the matter, it has given him LOTS of exposure to people who would normally not see him speak. This exposure on the debates has caused a domino effect on the web and it has the fake conservatives scared out of their minds.

The mainstream media is so desperate at this point they are taking Ron Paul's name off of the polls! They wonder why mounds of hate mail is rolling in when they try to pull off something like this. Just imagine if we would do that to Guiliani or Romney. FOX news would go crazy mad and make it a topic for weeks that "crazy liberals" are trying to remove these good men's names from polls. But whenever it is them behind the attack dogs, it is fine. I am sick of these double standards.

A story which originated on Prisonplant made it on the front page of Digg. Now if you do not follow Digg closely, you may not feel this is a big deal. However, Digg has been censoring prisonplanet and even Ron Paul stories! The word is spreading so quickly out there that even the Gov't Op Digg cannot keep it on the low.

Other places like MySpace are also censoring Ron Paul stories/supporters on their bulletin. You can view this short YouTube clip here to see it in realtime.

Even with their poor attempts to block Ron Paul, he is still gaining more support every single day. In some ways, I think all this censorship has actually brought him more into the spotlight. He has become this forbidden name on talk radio and on television and he is the most searched term according to Technorati! We may be the minority in this great country. However we are the most vocal, most intelligent group of people out there and because of this every day more people are choosing to stand next to Ron Paul. There is no better person out there to be the next president.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Remember to change to Republican

I never thought I would ever say this...Change to Republican.

All of the noise and support on the internet won't mean a thing if Ron Paul does not get the votes in the Primaries. Be sure to change your political affiliation to "Republican" in order to be allowed to vote in the primaries. Start filing the necessary paperwork to change because many states do not allow you to vote unless your voter's registration says the proper political party.

The first primary is as early as January 14,2008 according to Wikipedia. Here is a list of Republican Primary dates, so you can get it changed weeks prior to this date.

Great Clip from Fox News Ron Paul "Debate"

It's Pretty Amazing...

When Ron Paul was being attacked by the Michigan Republican Party and the RNC, it was amazing at the response of not only Ron Paul supporters, but those who care about the constitution. Saul Anuzis who is the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party got to see first hand what happens when you attack a patriot's first amendment right of free speech in the debates. Now Saul's reason for wanting to get Dr. Paul out of the debates was completely out of base. He claimed that Ron Paul stated that it was the American people's fault for 9-11. However this is not what was said and they like to twist words trying to make Ron Paul look UnAmerican or unpatriotic, which is completely absurd. I think taking away someone's free speech is UnAmerican, Saul! You are the unpatriotic trash in this country. Excluding only 1 candidate from the debates who is leading in national polls is restricting their free speech.

Ron Paul has a book about foreign policy, which can be found here. I have no affiliation with this website.

There are at least two petitions online to keep Ron Paul in the debates, which seemed to have had an enormous effect with over 26,000 signatures! Yesterday it was announced that they would no longer try to get Ron Paul out of the debates. You can read the statement made in Saul Anuzis' blog here. I think they changed their minds mainly because they were sick of the large volume of calls, emails, and faxes they were receiving and could not handle their mailboxes being full. I say good! If you try to take out one of the front-runners out of the debates, it shows you that you are not working towards a better America. You are working for someone else much higher up that has a different agenda for this country. After reading his "retraction" I am more mad than before! I guess Saul, Hannity, and even Guiliani haven't read the 9-11 commission report where it clearly states that our policy is what caused a hatred towards our country.

Even though they have-for the moment-given up on getting Ron Paul out of the debates, you should still sign these petitions to show your support. At anytime they could change their minds.

They have good reason to be afraid of Ron Paul. He tells it like it is and is a very intelligent man with good solid values and does not flip-flop on issues whenever he feels like it. If you haven't seen this clip of Ron Paul Vs. Hannity, check it out. Hannity looks terrified by Dr. Paul. The lies this administration and controlled media has been spewing for years and years does not make sense. However, Ron Paul is very focused in his thinking and can capture an audience with 1 or 2 sentences while making a lasting impression. Their lies have to be constantly reapplied every single day to work and having a real Republican candidate in there to shatter through those lies scares the heck out of them! We are here to take back our country.

True American: Ron Paul

Ron Paul has been making history these past few weeks. For some people they never even heard of this gentlemen until the debates. This I find amazing, but understandable if you have been caught in the right and left paradigms. Now Ron Paul is being mentioned on the Fox network more than they ever thought imaginable and they are trying to smear his good name. He is consistently coming in first and second place in scientific and non-scientific polls, so the mainstream media can no longer ignore him.

This is a huge victory for the alternative thinkers out there looking for a choice in this presidential election. We (Americans) are sick of the bought and paid for candidates whose anti-American behaviors make me sick to my stomach. Meanwhile they wrap themselves in the flag and the dead soldiers (blah). Ron Paul hands down is the best candidate for the presidency. His actions go with his words unlike the other candidates who are just talk. America does not need another Big government shrill. We need a real American wanting to change this country we love for the better. Ron Paul is the man for this job!

I encourage you to visit his website and support him.