Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ron Paul to Appear on The Daily Show

I saw this a few days ago on Ron Paul's Eventful page, but I didn't want to jump the gun too quickly. It seems that Ron Paul is scheduled to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on June 4 2007! This date so happens to be one day prior to the debate in New Hampshire, which could help him win that debate. Even though this show is on Comedy Central, many people tune in to get "news". I think this show does shift public opinion as scary as that may be for some people to swallow.

Since he is listed on the main page as a guest this week, I assume he is really going to be on there. ;)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Contributions Doubled: Giuliani didn't crush Ron Paul

It has been all over mainstream media for a few weeks now that Rudy Giuliani crushed Ron Paul in the South Carolina debates. They have tried to make up all these reasons as to why Ron Paul's researched explanation is a lie or "absurd". I didn't buy it for one second.

The mainstream media is only best at twisting words to their approval and unfortunately Ron Paul was at the front line of this propaganda. Now, it appears that all of this media coverage helped Ron Paul in the end. Since his head butting with Rudy Giuliani, his contributions have nearly doubled!

I guess it is like that saying, "No such thing as bad publicity." Well I guess not for everyone, but it surely has been the case for Ron Paul!

Ron Paul on Alex Jones Radio Show

On it is stated that radio talk show host Alex Jones welcomes Ron Paul to his radio broadcast. I have been unable to listen to the show at this time, but I will report more when I have a chance to listen!

Here is a little of what was discussed.

Ron Paul said some extraordinary things during this interview with Alex Jones. He feels that his life could be in danger if his popularity continues to gain and if he wins the nomination. In the next debate, if time allows he will make an attack on the other candidates "conservative" views. He stated that their views on the issues of war and spending are not conservative and labeled them as "radical".
I created a rough transcript of this section for you to read.

Alex: What are you planning to bring up in the debate that is coming up next week?

Ron Paul: Well You know if I have an opportunity to direct this discussion I would probably follow this line of thinking. I made the case against the moral argument against our foreign policy and the politics of it; How bad it is for us as Republicans and how unconstitutional it is, but I am going to start talking more about to sort of needle away at the conservatives; How this is not conservative. We don't even have any money. We borrow every penny to fight it from the Chinese. The Chinese can bring us to our knees because of our monetary system and our trade policies. And yet nobody says anything. And the conservatives call this a conservative philosophy?

At the same time they are running up these huge deficit. I am going to put the burden back on our Republican leadership for not being exactly what they say they are. And trying to make the point that instead of making me the strange Republican. I think I am a mainstream Republican. You know I still believe in balanced budget and I think they are radical. I think they are radical in their foreign policy, I think they are radical in endorsing the democratic proposal for entitlement. They are radical when it come to taxes and entitlement, so and now they have a need to run up these deficits to continue this fraud that exists in the federal reserve system to keep printing money to pay the bills, which literally wipes out the middle class. So I am going to emphasize the economics of this war since we have talked about the other conditions that have given us trouble.

A mp3 was made available on for everyone to hear. If you have no way of listening to the Alex Jones show, here is your chance to hear this excellent interview.

If you would like to cruise Alex Jones' websites they are and respectively. Thank you Paul and Alex for releasing this mp3!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ron Paul Odds Slashed Dramatically: 15 to 1 from 200 to 1 were forced to slash Ron Paul's odds of winning the presidency because of such a bidding frenzy surrounding him. This was first reported on by Carrie Stroup.

It appears that in the next coming weeks his odds may need slashed further as he gains more popularity.

According to Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of, "No other single candidate for US President has received the type of interest generated here at"

You may read the entire article at

What this article is showing, is that his support is not concentrated to "spammers". His support is real! The mainstream media has never seen so much support for one candidate before. Ron Paul is generating so much support because he is the real deal. He is a citizen of this great nation that wants to change things for the better of everyone. He is not in this for his own personal agenda or no bid contracts. The media cannot even comprehend this because we hadn't had a real presidential candidate for MANY years.

If you haven't done so yet, please donate to Ron Paul's campaign.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ron Paul Gets 91% in Straw Poll

There was a straw poll on that resulted in Ron Paul getting 91% of the votes! This is excellent and it is getting hard keeping up with all the new Ron Paul polls. I have not even been voting in a lot of them because many sites are creating their own every week.

The interesting thing about this poll is David Terr at states that this was NOT the work of spammers like many other websites and news media stations are claiming. He analyzed the traffic and internet service providers these people were using. You can find this story here.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Interview with Bill Maher Well Received

The short interview on the Bill Maher's "Real Time" has turned out to be a huge success. According to a press release on, the staff of the Bill Maher's show said that he had the biggest turnout and support of any presidential candidate ever invited to the show! This is amazing because Bill Maher's show is considered as a liberal audience. If Ron Paul can truly reach people through those imaginary lines of "left" and "right" with his views, then I think he really has a shot at winning this.

This is another great article from FMMN that can be read here.

If you didn't catch the clip of Ron Paul on the Bill Maher's "Real Time" you can find it here.