Friday, June 8, 2007

Let's Not Get Over Confident

I was very pleased to hear of Ron Paul's campaign contributions reaching into the millions, but lets not get over confident without ourselves. Over confidence usually results in failure. There is a fine line there we need to look out for.

Part of what makes the alternative movement have such a powerful effect is that we are regarded as underdogs or the minority. Since we are called a minority or the underdog we feel this sense of duty to spread the word. That in turn gets people involved who normally wouldn't. We aren't given equal television coverage, so we are forced to have open discussions with people in our towns, blogs, at work and school. Rather than letting the news of Ron Paul's campaign money put us back into a comfort zone, we should be further pushing the issue that he IS a front runner. He CAN be the next President of the United States. I don't think 5 million dollars worth of contributions was the work of spammers, but if it was let's keep spamming! haha

The next debate is not until August 5 in Iowa, but we can't let this momentum go away. Let's keep this month full of events and I suggest that Ron Paul's campaign book him for some interviews in the meantime.

Ron Paul 2008!

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