Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ron Paul's Uphill Battle

As if becoming the President isn't a hard enough task, there is deliberate sabotage going on in the mainstream media. They are trying to continue this idea that Ron Paul is not a frontrunner, which is completely ridiculous. They insist only televising and supporting McCain, Giuliani, and Romney as if they were the only ones in the race. Last night I was very upset at how obvious it was that they were not allowing Ron Paul to answer certain questions where as the "Three Musketeers", were given every chance to answer. Today with a fresh look on the situation, it still does upset me, but it is giving Americans a true look at our so called free media.

Most people would consider CNN a "liberal" channel and yet they did not allow Ron Paul to answer certain questions that he would completely own-the nerdy Gamer in me shines right now- Giuliani's answer. So what does this really say about our media? I think most people expected FoxNews to be unfair in their analysis, yet CNN's was no better and dare I say it was worse! My opinion on this whole matter is that our entire media has been taken over by a group who does not want Ron Paul's message to get out.

CNN was caught deleting comments about the debate. They didn't just delete a few comments here and there, they completely took the webpage down! Why would they do such a thing? I thought we had a free press? Hmmm...Well Mike Rivero on was able to save some of the comments. Check them out here.

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