Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ron Paul Campaign Nears 5 Million Dollars!

These preliminary reports come from that people close to his campaign are stating that his donations have gone up by the millions. Yes ladies and gentleman, by MILLIONS. It is estimated that he has at least 4 million dollars on hand and the contributions continue to climb hour by hour.

This is absolutely amazing. I am almost speechless right now reading this article here. What this goes to show is that Ron Paul has a huge backing and it is not just spammers on the Internet. I still see a lot of negativity on the Internet--even pro-Ron Paul sites-- with articles that say there is no way he could win. This movement needs to cut out the negativity because I really think he could win this.

If you haven't already donated, stop what you are doing and give $25 or whatever you can. Remember if you cannot give now, when will you? What will it take for you to become involved in this movement? Ron Paul is our only hope for America's future.

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