Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Ron Paul's Answer Terrifies Them

I found this excellent article written by Jacob G. Hornberger . He is a guest columnist at and the founder of The Future of Freedom Foundation. I agree wholeheartedly with everything he states in this article.

Here is a quote I thought was worth noting from his article "Why Ron Paul's Answer Terrifies Them".

"The Republican establishment knows that if the American people conclude that Ron Paul is right, the jig is up with respect to the big-government, pro-empire, interventionist foreign policy that Republicans (and many Democrats) have supported for many years."

Yes, finally a columnist that understands what Ron Paul is trying to say!

I believe the reason why the American people are so easily persuaded to these weird theories that Ron Paul is blaming America, is because Americans do NOT know history. Most Americans have no idea that our government put Saddam in power, supplied him with weapons and taught him how to assassinate and torture people. If we knew those facts, then I don't think we would be so far down the toilet bowl right now.

As we educate people on Ron Paul's values, then these types of facts will fall into place.

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