Monday, May 21, 2007

The Word Is Spreading

Before the debates started, I think most people were concerned with how to get Ron Paul's good name into the mainstream. Well since he won the first and second debates, which it is important to note that it is not just my opinion on the matter, it has given him LOTS of exposure to people who would normally not see him speak. This exposure on the debates has caused a domino effect on the web and it has the fake conservatives scared out of their minds.

The mainstream media is so desperate at this point they are taking Ron Paul's name off of the polls! They wonder why mounds of hate mail is rolling in when they try to pull off something like this. Just imagine if we would do that to Guiliani or Romney. FOX news would go crazy mad and make it a topic for weeks that "crazy liberals" are trying to remove these good men's names from polls. But whenever it is them behind the attack dogs, it is fine. I am sick of these double standards.

A story which originated on Prisonplant made it on the front page of Digg. Now if you do not follow Digg closely, you may not feel this is a big deal. However, Digg has been censoring prisonplanet and even Ron Paul stories! The word is spreading so quickly out there that even the Gov't Op Digg cannot keep it on the low.

Other places like MySpace are also censoring Ron Paul stories/supporters on their bulletin. You can view this short YouTube clip here to see it in realtime.

Even with their poor attempts to block Ron Paul, he is still gaining more support every single day. In some ways, I think all this censorship has actually brought him more into the spotlight. He has become this forbidden name on talk radio and on television and he is the most searched term according to Technorati! We may be the minority in this great country. However we are the most vocal, most intelligent group of people out there and because of this every day more people are choosing to stand next to Ron Paul. There is no better person out there to be the next president.

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