Sunday, May 20, 2007

True American: Ron Paul

Ron Paul has been making history these past few weeks. For some people they never even heard of this gentlemen until the debates. This I find amazing, but understandable if you have been caught in the right and left paradigms. Now Ron Paul is being mentioned on the Fox network more than they ever thought imaginable and they are trying to smear his good name. He is consistently coming in first and second place in scientific and non-scientific polls, so the mainstream media can no longer ignore him.

This is a huge victory for the alternative thinkers out there looking for a choice in this presidential election. We (Americans) are sick of the bought and paid for candidates whose anti-American behaviors make me sick to my stomach. Meanwhile they wrap themselves in the flag and the dead soldiers (blah). Ron Paul hands down is the best candidate for the presidency. His actions go with his words unlike the other candidates who are just talk. America does not need another Big government shrill. We need a real American wanting to change this country we love for the better. Ron Paul is the man for this job!

I encourage you to visit his website and support him.

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