Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dr. Mercola Promotes Ron Paul

We got more coverage today about Ron Paul. Dr. Mercola who has built a very large community on his natural health website Http://www.mercola.com, sends out a newsletter a few times a week to promote his products. He also does touch upon some other topics and in the May 22nd Issue, he lets his subscribers get a small dose of who Ron Paul is and what he has to offer to America if elected President. I applaud Dr. Mercola for spreading the word about Ron Paul. Here is the link to the article that Dr. Mercola wrote. "Ron Paul Stirs up Presidential Debate" Thank you doctor!

I am grateful that people from all walks of life are trying to help get Ron Paul's name out. I couldn't imagine anyone could discredit Ron Paul after seeing what he has to say about the real issues. I welcome everyone who visits here and feel free to comment on my posts.

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