Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's Pretty Amazing...

When Ron Paul was being attacked by the Michigan Republican Party and the RNC, it was amazing at the response of not only Ron Paul supporters, but those who care about the constitution. Saul Anuzis who is the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party got to see first hand what happens when you attack a patriot's first amendment right of free speech in the debates. Now Saul's reason for wanting to get Dr. Paul out of the debates was completely out of base. He claimed that Ron Paul stated that it was the American people's fault for 9-11. However this is not what was said and they like to twist words trying to make Ron Paul look UnAmerican or unpatriotic, which is completely absurd. I think taking away someone's free speech is UnAmerican, Saul! You are the unpatriotic trash in this country. Excluding only 1 candidate from the debates who is leading in national polls is restricting their free speech.

Ron Paul has a book about foreign policy, which can be found here. I have no affiliation with this website.

There are at least two petitions online to keep Ron Paul in the debates, which seemed to have had an enormous effect with over 26,000 signatures! Yesterday it was announced that they would no longer try to get Ron Paul out of the debates. You can read the statement made in Saul Anuzis' blog here. I think they changed their minds mainly because they were sick of the large volume of calls, emails, and faxes they were receiving and could not handle their mailboxes being full. I say good! If you try to take out one of the front-runners out of the debates, it shows you that you are not working towards a better America. You are working for someone else much higher up that has a different agenda for this country. After reading his "retraction" I am more mad than before! I guess Saul, Hannity, and even Guiliani haven't read the 9-11 commission report where it clearly states that our policy is what caused a hatred towards our country.

Even though they have-for the moment-given up on getting Ron Paul out of the debates, you should still sign these petitions to show your support. At anytime they could change their minds.

They have good reason to be afraid of Ron Paul. He tells it like it is and is a very intelligent man with good solid values and does not flip-flop on issues whenever he feels like it. If you haven't seen this clip of Ron Paul Vs. Hannity, check it out. Hannity looks terrified by Dr. Paul. The lies this administration and controlled media has been spewing for years and years does not make sense. However, Ron Paul is very focused in his thinking and can capture an audience with 1 or 2 sentences while making a lasting impression. Their lies have to be constantly reapplied every single day to work and having a real Republican candidate in there to shatter through those lies scares the heck out of them! We are here to take back our country.

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