Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ron Paul's Rally in Iowa a Success!

Well the rally in Iowa was a great success. The total number of people in attendance has been a largely debated topic today, but it looks like conservatively over 1000 people rallied in support of Ron Paul. The main reason why this number is being debated is because mainstream media sources are saying 600 while people who attended claim that all 1,000 seats were filled and it was standing room only. Obviously 600 and 1000 is quite a huge difference and we know darn well that if Ron Paul's rally failed it would have been ALL OVER the news. The fact that there are only 2 or 3 mainstream media articles about the rally tell me it was largely successful. When a day before the rally, there were 30+ mainstream newspapers that picked up the headline "Ron Paul Crashes Iowa Forum", but now that his rally was successful those outlets are dead quiet. Fair and balanced media...right.

It's rather amazing that a presidential candidate not invited to a rally because of his 'lack of organizational skills' and credibility can bring in more supporters than 6 other candidates. This forum was televised and had properly been advertised and promoted for MONTHS. What this displays is the total disconnect between reality and what the mainstream media chooses to report. I am fed up with the treatment here. Yes I know that the media has the right to report on whatever they please, but not when these organizations claim to be fair and balanced. These news organizations shape what food Americans eat and drink, the clothes on their backs, and down to the type of vehicles they drive.

Some people say we need to be kind to the mainstream media so they begin to report on Ron Paul, but I think these people are way out of touch with what we are dealing with. These news organizations aren't just mistakenly forgetting Ron Paul's name, they are being TOLD to leave out his name and to downplay any good news from his campaign. Whether you may understand this or not, but Ron Paul is a threat to the larger agenda of a few individuals in this country. They are so scared of his message of individual freedom, the right to bear arms, and abolishing the federal income tax.

Ron Paul is a man who could turn this country around. He genuinely cares about this country and the freedom of the individual.

His words are not just rhetoric, but the truths he holds in his heart and lives by on a daily basis not just while the camera is on him.

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nmlifestyles said...


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