Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ron Paul Liberty Dollar Announced

Libertydollar.org has announced Ron Paul Liberty Dollars. If you do not know much about what the Liberty Dollar is you can read their about page here.

In celebration of The 4th of July, 2007 you are invited - even urged - to flex your independence with the Volunteer Network's 'secret weapon' - the Ron Paul Dollar bringing new meaning to the U.S. Mint's "Presidential Dollars" and symbolizing the Congressman's values. WOW! Now the Internet's favorite Presidential candidate has his own money to help turbo-charge his shot at the White House.

Impossible, you think? Long shot? Dark horse? Think again. This election is different. Want to stand this Presidential election on its head? Well guess what? As utterly amazing as it may seem, we the people, could actually get Ron Paul nominated. Why? Because there are so many Republican liars running for President and the field is so fractionized, that a classic dark house candidate could win. And that is amazing!

Yes, we all know that politicians are pathological liars. And this campaign has an unusually large number of liars. Fortunately, Congressman Ron Paul speaks the truth. He speaks the truth about the government, about money and about the war. Ron Paul is dedicated to the truth and a government as defined by the US Constitution. Continue here

To see the products available, you can use this short cut.

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mike volpe said...

there must not have been many of these ordered...


that must have been a surprise given what the campaign was leaking...


here is the way I see your guy