Friday, July 20, 2007

Rick Beltram: Small number of people on the Ron Paul bandwagon which is the website for Spartanburg Herald Journal, is reporting there will be a low turnout for the Spartanburg County Ron Paul rally being hosted by Rick Beltram. Now Rick hasn't been the most friendly person in the past. Perhaps he is being hit by some blowback. He really should have listened to Ron Paul in the debates or he would have seen this coming.

In an article previously published in the Spartanburg Herald Journal, Rick Beltram stated:

"He can stay home," said Beltram, who for months held that this county would welcome all Republican candidates.

"Well, the door's closed for him."

"I'm not going to extend him an invitation to come here because he has managed to insult and in many ways abuse Republican activists with his strident lingo. When he attacked Bush, that we created 9/11 - that's an absolute lunatic talking," Beltram said.

"I can't put up walls to keep him out, but I don't have to invite him here to a county function."

Rick, why do you think Ron Paul supporters want to pay your county's republican party $25/ person to see Ron Paul, when they can see him for free in the next town over in Greenville?

However, I know exactly what Beltram will do and if Ron Paul's support is larger than anticipated, it won't be reported or it will be overlooked. Beltram won't look to see who comes to Greenville. He will only see those willing to fork out $25 to support his county and to invite other candidates that don't even want to talk about the Constitution or our freedoms. That is why I personally could never go to that rally in SC. I know the type of people it is indirectly supporting.

I don't think this will be another "Iowa" because of the cost involved. Jesse Benton from the Paul campaign thinks the "low" turnout has to do with the cost as well.

We will have to wait and see what happens.


Dar said...

Perhaps those who can, can go to the lunch and even sponsor another to go. Those who can't can wave out front and go to the Greenville rally. I know some who are getting up early to drive will be able to make the afternoon rally only.

Greg said...

Wow - well Beltram was wrong - Ron Paul supporters filled the thing with overflow. At the next event, they had about 700 which was more than Guliani or Romney