Sunday, July 22, 2007

Paul stands tall with talk on freedom

It looks like Rick Beltram was happy with this weekend's turnout. The article written in the Spartanburg Herald Journal is extremely positive and is probably one of the most fair articles written to date in the Old Media. I am glad that we are all getting along now. Thank you Rick Beltram you surprised me!

Click here for the full article in SHJ:

A little-known Texas congressman seeking the Republican nomination for president visited Spartanburg Saturday and seemed to arrive with all the makings of rock-star candidate for his party - despite low polling, little name recognition and a relatively small campaign staff.

Supporters call it the "Ron Paul Revolution." You might have seen it on signs or T-shirts. Or MySpace.

"We've lost our faith and confidence that freedom really works," Paul said to an enthusiastic, almost fanatical, crowd.

"In most countries, tyranny reigns. Freedom is under attack. It's under attack in this country, as well."

Paul said he believed a stronger adherence to the Second Amendment over the past decade could have thwarted the 9/11 terror attacks - and that this country has gone in the wrong direction with "government bureaucrats taking away our toothpaste at the airport." He said America can't afford to continue to support its military presence abroad, which he called a "world empire." He accused the government of "creating money out of thin air," straying from the constitutional monetary standards of gold and silver. And he said he's against abortion because a fetus has the same rights as an adult human being.

He also made several references to Gov. Mark Sanford's voting record while in Congress, noting that, "If you found two people voting together, it was Mark and myself. He would make an exceptionally good vice president." Full Story Here

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