Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ron Paul Rocketed From Fifth Place to First

There is an extraordinary report from that gets the headline ALL wrong. Rather than focusing on Ron Paul's unbelievable jump from 5th place to 1st place in the amount of website traffic, they pull a stupid statistic about Hillary beating out Obama. Who cares? No other candidate from either party has jumped this far up in ranking.

It becomes an even bigger deal when you look at Ron Paul's numbers from the month of April. He was ranked 8th out of all the candidates and in only two months of debates, television interviews and limited media attention, he takes first place in May.

Ron Paul's market share of 27.35% is in line with Barack Obama who has 27.64% and Hillary who has 32.15% No other Republican candidate even comes close. Mitt Romney sits at 2nd place with 20.87% and it drops significantly from there. John McCain has 12.62% and Rudy Giuliani has 11.00%

What does this really say about our media who doesn't speak of Ron Paul as a frontrunner? What does it say about those opinion polling companies who mistakenly leave out Ron Paul's name from the options? What does it say about the allegations that Ron Paul's support are only a bunch of spammers?

It says that they are lying, covering up, and purposely trying to smear his name for no reason. The supposed frontrunners Giuliani and McCain received less than half web market share than Ron Paul and they still call them frontrunners? I think our media needs to answer these questions. Don't you think it's time for an answer? What is really going on here!

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