Monday, June 25, 2007

My Ron Paul Meetup Experience

I went to the first Ron Paul Meetup in my area and was pleasantly surprised at the reactions of people. For a little background, I live in an area where the population's age is generally 50+ and a lot of them are what you would consider Neo-conservative. My feelings towards the area is that most are living in the past and don't want to change anything. Some older people also tend to look down upon the young people.

We went to a flea market that is just down the road from me and set up a table with fliers, buttons, and free cookies. No one can resist free food! I was amazed by how many people are upset with what's going on in this country and looking for a change. People are also upset about this war and we heard some very personal stories from mothers and wives whose loved ones are "stuck".

Some people did not even know who Ron Paul was nor that he was running for President! Don't we just love the mainstream media for that. Some people mistaken my husband for Ron Paul, but we set them straight rather quickly. haha Even those that did not know who he was they became interested and took some literature that we had available.

Now I don't know if we converted any of them onto the Ron Paul bandwagon, but it was nice seeing people question the world. They are questioning what's going on and what we are being told on the television. I had some of the best conversations at this flea market. The message of liberty, peace, and love brings people together who would normally say have nothing in common.

Even if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, I know that I have made some great friends in the progress.

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