Monday, August 6, 2007

Why I Have Been Slacking...

Since I can barely make posts once a week on Ron Paul, I just wanted to give a brief explanation why. My intent was to make this one of the biggest blogs on Ron Paul on the internet. Unfortunately due to my worsening health, I am just unable to dedicate as much time as I need to do this.

I am in stage 5 (out of 7) of adrenal fatigue and it's caused a lot of trouble for me. I can barely get out of bed some days now and I certainly can't think clearly enough to make posts. Some days are better than others, so when I can I try to post. One of the worst symptoms is this overwhelming frustration I feel every day.

That's my deal. I am making a blog about my problems, so I can vent my frustrations. You can visit it at this link

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