Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who's Really Hurting Ron Paul's Campaign?

I used to be a regular visitor to but have decided to never visit this place again. You may be asking, why? Well let me give you a little background information so that you can understand.

Ron Paul believes in freedom of the individual. He knows that our civil liberties are vanishing rapidly all in the name of the "War on Terror". Ron Paul understands that you must protect all speech whether or not you may agree with it because that is what we are guaranteed by our Constitution, The Bill of Rights and our Creator. We have these documents to guide us through out our lives and to keep tyrannical governments at bay. Well recently our government has become more and more tyrannical and Ron Paul knows this.

As we know the media attempts to smear Ron Paul's name on a daily basis by constantly adding "longshot candidate" to every article written about him. They take his words out of context and intentionally attempt to link him to movements that have a bad connotation associated with them. The media is not hurting his campaign at all in my eyes because their attempts to cover up his message is actually stimulating more support. Human beings are naturally attracted to things we are not allowed to do or see. So when the mainstream media smears or tries to completely ignore a presidential candidate, it encourages people to look into Ron Paul on their own.

Well when a person begins to do research on the matter, they may find themselves on one of the Ron Paul forums that are run by Ron Paul supporters. This is exactly what happened to me. I was looking around for more Ron Paul information, news articles, and video clips and came across

Now this forum is an excellent resource for campaign materials and it's a great place to see information that is not indexed in the Google search engines. However there is a significant attempt at censoring those who talk about any other subjects that the admin does not agree with.

It is a private forum, but it scares me that a Ron Paul forum, a man who believes in individual freedom, is attracting supporters that wish to censor any discussions of a new investigation of how our government failed us on 9-11.

It does not matter if you agree with the official story or another theory, people are allowed to speak about what they wish. Just the mere talk of this is not hurting the campaign. The discussions are not in the general forum and are moved to a section where anyone lurking knows they are heading into an area where there will be debates.

The real people who are hurting Ron Paul's campaign are ourselves. The in-fighting that is currently going on within the Ron Paul grassroot campaign is shameful. Completely shameful! We all want Ron Paul to win the presidency. Our personal reasons behind why we want him to win may be slightly different. However, at the end of the day we ALL want our rights back. We ALL want the government out of our lives. We ALL want to live our lives without having to worry about being wiretapped, video taped or harassed by police on a daily basis.

For those who are trying to stifle free speech on I urge you to dig within yourself to see why you do not want debates and discussions to take place? Why are you sending a chilling effect to those who are proud, big time supporters of Ron Paul? Those of you trying to stop free speech are driving people away from the forums.

So who's really hurting the Ron Paul campaign? We are! Yeah that's right.

The media does not need to destroy us because we are destroying ourselves by going against the fundamental ideas of this campaign; Individual freedoms.


Josh said...

I agree with you but Ron Paul has to make it into office before any meaningful investigation can take place. We need to build of his credibilty in the mainstream media before we scare them off. I helped paint 9/11 was an inside job banners for the Stop thePolice State group at Union Square four years agoand am proud of it. so I agree it does need to be made public just not at the expense of his campaign. Maybe just wait a couple of months until he surges enough. Believe me I am ready to fight or do whatever it takes to get him in office. I know this sounds like censorship but I believe we still need to be very cautious about what the general public will think of Ron. For instance I am trying to get my family (conservative Christians) to look at Paul, but if thet go online and see 9/11 truth stuff then thats it they will vote for Guiliani. I understand your frustrations but please be realistic about how the media will completely demonize him if the 9/11 truth label sticks to him. Peace out.

John Howard said...

"For those who are trying to stifle free speech on

On the internet, it is totally impossible to stifle free-speech. That's why we love it. There are always whiners and scolds who spend their time complaining about the rhetorical "behavior" of others, but since no harm can be done, truth and lies are on a level playing field for the first time in history. Bet on truth.

Tolorate everyone, even the whiners and scolds and liars and pseudo-cynical fools and sarcastic rheorical debate-cheats, and use your online time to promote RP's political philosophy by making it clear to everyone possible.

Lee said...

Sorry. Sucks that some people get so caught up in their arguments, they lose sense of where to draw the lines. You were right, SeekLiberty did nothing to deserve a kick or even a kick vote. If I had read the thread more carefully/not been so occupied with other threads, I would have backed you up.


vote4freedom said...

Thanks JaredR26 for that. I appreciate you coming here and saying that.