Saturday, July 14, 2007

In-Fighting Is Dividing Us

Since Ron Paul was on Alex Jones show on Thursday, the chatter on the web has become that of Ron Paul being a conspiracy theorist or a "9-11 truther". I can understand this coming from the Old Media because they love to smear his name and his character. However, what I cannot believe is the amount of chatter I am seeing on the web from fellow Ron Paul supporters. What's the deal here?

Ron Paul has been a guest on Alex Jones' show many many times over the years and just because a man likes to talk to Alex's audience does not mean he is a 9-11 truther. There is no proof or evidence to this statement other than him speaking on Alex Jones' show. If we want to start creating weird connections like this, then anytime Ron Paul goes on the Old Media shows does that then make him a neo-con? A Bush supporter? Or perhaps a Liberal? As Ron Paul has said, we need to come to our senses here. Why are we allowing the media to undermine the growing movement of Ron Paul?

Can't we all just agree that the Old Media is intentionally using this as an excuse to smear Ron Paul? There is no basis to these claims because the interview in which Ron Paul spoke, I don't recall hearing anything about 9-11. In this article on, there is no mention of 9-11 either. Now it does say that Ron Paul believes we are in danger of false-flag terror. Did we just forget a few days ago Michael Chertoff said that he had a "gut feeling" we would be hit by al-Qaeda. So it's okay for the Homeland Security chief to use his instincts to predict terrorist attacks-mysteriously not being able to stop them though-but it's not ok for Ron Paul to say a similar thing?

The media is doing a very good job of creating conflict internally within the Ron Paul grassroots. They are experts at dividing people and are using this intentionally. If Ron Paul thought it was a bad idea to go on the Alex Jones' show, then he would not have done so. Since he went on the show on his own accord, the blame should not be placed on the Alex Jones' audience. The 9-11 movement, Alex Jones, and even Ron Paul is improperly being blamed for something that have no control over. And as it seems a good portion of the Ron Paul supporters are pointing fingers to anyone who gets in the way or who speaks about a topic that differs from their belief systems. This is a dangerous mindset and attitude we have embraced and it's causing in-fighting.

We can't afford to be fighting with each other if we want Ron Paul as our next President.

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