Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spreading the Word: Just Tell 5 People

Everyone who reads this should vow to tell at least 5 people a day about Ron Paul. Whenever you go to Starbucks in the morning ask the girl if she knows about Ron Paul. Or if you get packages delivered to your home tell the UPS or FedEx person. Little things like this is what Ron Paul's campaign has that the other big names don't! Since the other candidates have that immediately name recognition, most people have already formed opinions on them. This makes it hard to talk to them and most people will completely write you off if you start talking about a democrat and they consider themselves a republican. However, whenever you say Ron Paul most Americans do not know who he is nor his party affiliation and probably don't even know he is running for President!

This gives the grassroots an excellent chance to inform those people on his views rather than letting the mainstream media do the talking. Let's face it the mainstream media doesn't think very highly of Ron Paul! Rather than wait for them to see his name on the TV we can plant that first seed into their minds. Hopefully then they will take it upon themselves to do some more research.

You only have to touch on a few things that most people will agree with you on. These are a few things I would bring up, but it will always depend on the person. He wishes to end the Iraq war now, not tomorrow, or in a year. Right now. He believes in small government that we control rather than the government controlling our everyday lives. He wants to remove the income tax and cut spending to reduce our debt!

Hopefully at the end of a 2-3 minute conversation, you have planted a seed. This is all that Ron Paul needs to win this nomination. Since his message is full of compassion and honesty I can't see how anyone could disagree with this man.

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