Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ron Paul in The Washington Post

Who would have believed that The Washington Post made a pretty fair article about Ron Paul?

I check the news every single day for Ron Paul stories and honestly it's getting pretty difficult to find one that correctly lists what his beliefs are on immigration, foreign policy and among other issues. The mainstream media really hates Ron. They go out of their way to misquote him, twist his words, or base an entire article on what someone else thinks of Ron Paul rather than evaluate Ron Paul on his actions and words.

Well we got a great article, which may be read on The Washington Post website.

The only thing I find "wrong" with the article is the amount of money he has raised for his campaign, but I am not sure if those new numbers were officially released yet. It's implying that he has only raised 300,000 since the last three debates.

However, on June 7th stated that a source close to the Ron Paul campaign has said their contributions were coming in by the millions. Now it may be that Ron Paul is simply not letting his earnings out of the bag quite yet and has chosen to downplay them as much as possible until they need to be revealed. We will have to wait to find out!


Derek said...

Looks like it's frontpage on the Washington Post, too. Says page "A01" at the top.

Derek said...

Also, the link to the print edition says the same thing: