Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Exit Poll for Iowa Straw Poll


As if it couldn't get much worse with Mary Mosiman connected to the Romney for President Leadership Team. We now have the results from the Vote in Sunshine Coalition exit poll where Ron Paul clearly won!

Ron Paul 332

Tom Tancredo 150

Mike Huckabee 187

Fred Thompson 8

Tommy Thompson 39

Mitt Romney 90

Duncan Hunter 12

Hillary Clinton 1

John McCain 5

Sam Brownback 62

John Cox 4

Dennis Kucinich 1

Rudy Giuliani 6

Total 897

This shows us that Ron Paul got nearly 37% of the votes cast. This exit poll only recorded 6% of the votes, which is very low. However, I believe there is a bit of a discrepancy here with Ron Paul's total in the official poll. Nine percent and 37% are a huge difference. Now unfortunately, this exit poll is not scientific and it did only get 6% of the total votes made in the straw poll. If it had captured 40-50%, then this information would be more accurate and could be used to stir up an investigation. Regardless though, we need to take another look at these voting machines and Mary Mosiman's role in this straw poll.

I blame my horrible sinus infection for not fully understanding all of this. It is wrong for Ron Paul's official campaign volunteers to be involved in this exit poll. However, I thought it was said that Ron Paul's campaign was telling his supporters not to be involved. I apologize for the misunderstanding. If Ron Paul's campaign were involved this would be a conflict of interest too and it would be no better than what Romney did.


3GoodGuys said...

The circumstances of the exit poll are relevant here. Reportedly, many of Romney's voters were whisked into the polls and then back onto buses for an early departure. Do you know when the exit poll was conducted? It seems Paul supporters were more inclined to stay around and promote their candidate, which is a great sign, but also a possible reason for the difference.

Anonymous said...

Back the Ron Paul Revolution 2008!!

Birdlady said...


Yeah that is why this exit poll is interesting but cannot be completely trusted.

The people who did the exit polls sat outside the 3 polling places and asked people to sign a piece of paper saying who they voted for. What they did was good, but as the one organizer said on the Alex Jones show yesterday, the Romney supporters were snobby and didn't want to fill the paper out.

Bill said...

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- SL

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