Sunday, August 12, 2007

Campaign: Statement on Iowa Straw Poll

On behalf of Dr. Ron Paul and his wife Carol, and the Ron Paul 2008 campaign staff, I thank our supporters and volunteers in Iowa and throughout the country for the strong showing in the Iowa straw poll. We are pleased and encouraged by the results.

We have the three ingredients for success:
1. The message: freedom, peace and prosperity.
2. The man: Ron Paul.
3. You.

Our campaign has begun.

Kent Snyder
Chairman, Ron Paul 2008


Sorry Kent Snyder I will have to disagree with you on this one.
Is the Ron Paul campaign investigating the results of the straw poll? I certainly hope so and if not, why?
  • Why Mr. Snyder is the campaign acting like 5th place is a good showing at the Iowa Straw poll?
  • Why Mr. Snyder is evidence of possible conflicts of interest being ignored?
  • Why Mr. Snyder was action not taken before the straw poll to put pressure on certain individuals to ensure fraud could not occur?
  • Were the voting machine failures looked into or are we believing Mary Mosiman and David Vaudt who are friends of the Romney campaign?
  • Why Mr. Snyder is the Ron Paul campaign allowing the Iowa GOP and Story County Auditor walk over them with their demand of $184,000 for a recount?
Please help me understand why I should spend hours a week supporting Ron Paul. Especially after a straw poll that was run by a Romney Leadership Team member, which was allowed to continue without any resistance from the Ron Paul campaign?

If we cannot agree that there was potential fraud in a non-binding straw poll, then how exactly are we going to win a Primary or Caucus where fraud is even more likely because of higher stakes?

Perhaps your campaign will pay more attention to the concerns of your supporters rather than letting them out to dry. I tried to warn you, but no one wanted to listen.

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Mike said...

Please help me understand why I should spend hours a week supporting Ron Paul.

Because that is the only thing to do. It's morally right it's spiritually right and the only thing we can do. Support the, man pray to God he wins and get on with our lives.
To do anything less is unthinkable.